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Things You Should Know About Fashion Photography

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If you want to go in the world of photography and you are interested in fashion niche then you need a pat on your back. Indeed, it is a wide spread field and you can earn a great name once you have the right talent in hand.  You know what the success behind the portfolio of various successful models lays simply in the hands of a fashion photographer.

The genre of photography is devoted to presenting fashion apparel and accessories in a manner that improves them. Over a period of time, this niche of fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic with grace and beauty of clothes, models, and of course the accessories. It has also been enhanced by the usage of exotic locations, plots and stylized photographic methods. If you are already charmed by its arena then you should think about the Best fashion photography institute in Delhi to get started.

Diverse styles

The genre can be forked into 3 chief styles namely editorial, high fashion and catalogue. A fourth style that is gradually gaining fame is known as street fashion photography. Though catalogue and street styles are conveniently distinguishable, it is quite challenging to distinguish between high fashion and editorial   because they share a somewhat a same style.

Editorial fashion photography

Most of the fashion magazines feature this type of style of photography. In this scenario styling takes a certain forefront. In most of the cases, there is a story running through shoot; the models are frequently photographed via the course of day, mid-day wardrobe, morning wardrobe and finally evening attire.  These shoots showcase a theme and the models require playing the role they are given and emote to tell their story. The entire image is shot so as to make a powerful statement.

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Catalogue Photography

It is a style that is used by companies that print to market their items and products to their consumers. This is simply an information image wherein the model is supposed to give a pose against a specific background and you see the dresses very clearly. Here, fashioning is hassle-free, backdrop is normally gray or white and the photograph is taken in such a way that the particulars of the clothes are visible. Most of such type of photographs is taken in studios or another perfect location.

High Fashion

Huge fashion brands and labels frequently advertise their products by making use of this style of photography. The photographs usually feature supermodels, famed actors and actresses. The outfits and accessories featured are mostly styled in a way that is a full departure from reality. The poses can be overstated and over-the-top. All the elements of the model like the wardrobe, hair/makeup, styling, lighting and location work beautifully together to form a flawless image.

Street Photography

This style is about street people. It is about taking the essence of what is stylish amongst typical people, what they wear, how they carry the style and how they make a declaration with their outfits.  Photographers of this niche would shoot fashionistas and about on their day today chores, underlining trends in real world.


So, you can easily get photography and videography courses in Delhi to start your journey towards fashion photography!

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