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Career In Big Data – What You Should Be Knowing?

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If you are planning a career in Big Data or making a career shift to big data, then you must know that this is the best time to do so. This is the time when big data has entered into every field known to mankind right from business to government, from finance to banks, from educational institutes to hospitality services and even hospitals.

Yes, that’s the impact of big data on the above-mentioned industries as both the managers and the company owners have started realizing the importance of big data.

So if you are looking at big data career then remember is the time to strike when the iron is still hot. And you can get maximum benefits by becoming a big data professional post the courses and required certifications that would just add value to your resume.

Big Data Bigger Careers And Big Data Certifications

As established big data has been flourishing and spreading its wings in almost all the possible business houses, it is not surprising that it is promoting bigger careers for individuals who wish to become big data professionals in any role. Big Data Analyst, Data Engineer or the most glamorous of all Data Scientist.

Oh yes, data science is one of the most lucrative fields in the big data industry and it is also one of the most hyped careers in big data industry. So before you plan to enter the big data industry as a professional it is important for you to know what is in stored for you. Be a part of the industry if you enjoy and love

  1. Playing with data
  2. Data mining
  3. Data munging
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Yes, if you love all the above then only you should think about joining big data industry, because while there is tremendous growth in the industry, it is also the industry where there is no room for errors. Once you have decided that you want to join big data industry you would need to acquire skills like

  1. PhD in Mathematics and Statistics
  2. Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering
  3. Deep knowledge of programming tools like SAS or R
  4. Basic knowledge of Machine Learning and Python

You may like to go for courses like Harvard Data Science Course, Analytics Edge, Data Scientist Training Certification, Data Analyst Nano Degree Udacity among others that would teach latest practices in the big data industry.  The courses would make you ready for your next step that is big data certifications. Internships in the related field would add as an experience on your resume and would work in your favor when you go job hunting.

Best Data Science Certifications To Choose From

There are numerous data science certifications you can choose from including Hortonworks, Coursera, IBM Big Data Certifications, DASCA and SAS certifications. Each of these certifications are highly recognized and teach latest in the big data industry from both tools and practices to the techniques.

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