Home Marketing The Role of Content in SEO could be made longer by explaining what is content and what SEO is

The Role of Content in SEO could be made longer by explaining what is content and what SEO is

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The importance of content for SEO cannot be underestimated. As per experts two most important factors that influence SEO success are content and links. Since links ultimately depend upon content, therefore, the content is the king.

Search Engine ranking mechanism:

The goal of SEO is to get your webpage to rank higher in the search engine result page or in other words increase its online visibility. Search engines rank web pages based upon a criterion that they do not disclose yet most of the determinants of this criterion are very well known. It is a fact that during the rating of a webpage search engine algorithms give the most importance to the quality of its content. A webpage with high-quality content will be ranked higher by the search engine algorithm. Therefore content plays a key role in SEO.

Most of the SEO success factors are achieved through content.

Below is a list of such factors


People search for web pages using keywords. No matter how relevant the content on your webpage is to their needs, they will not be able to reach it unless it contains the keywords they are using to look for an answer to their query. In the past keywords were one of the main success factors responsible for SEO success. People used to stuff their web pages with irrelevant keywords just to get a website ranked higher. Now such practices are penalized by search engines even then the importance of keywords cannot be overlooked. Keyword density on web pages must not exceed 2-3% overall. So it is better to find keyword density while writing post content. Keyword research should be carried out before creating a website to find what keywords are most frequently used to find the content that your website has.

Keywords are included in the content of a webpage. Therefore content that contains the right keywords can bring about SEO success.

Backlinks (Inbound links):

A link on another website that sends the user to your webpage is called a backlink. It is one of the most important ranking factors, second only to content. Have quality backlinks can make your webpage rank higher. The question is how to get a popular website link back to your website. This can be done in two ways either you can pay them for doing or you can add such high-quality content on your site that they recognize its quality and link back to your website for a specific topic. Again role of quality content is central for getting backlinks and SEO success.

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Lower bounce rate:

Bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave a website after viewing just one webpage multiplied by a hundred. A website with poor-quality content will have a higher bounce rate. Most of the visitors will leave after seeing the first page as they will feel that their needs cannot be met by this website and they will not return. This can only be prevented by having quality content on your website that meets the needs of people and answers questions that your target audience has in mind. Search engines increase the ranking of a website that has a lower bounce rate. Content is important for SEO as it can prevent a higher bounce rate.

Longer dwell time:

How much time a visitor spends on a website after clicking its links on the search engine result page. A search engine will naturally consider longer a webpage with a longer dwell time to be the one the user was looking for and it will rank such a page higher in its ranking. Engaging content will keep the visitor occupied and interested and as a result, a website will have a longer dwell time.  Another reason why content is crucial to SEO.

Free social campaigning:

A website having content that caters to the needs of its audience will satisfy the user. Such users may want to tell their friends using various social media apps about your website as they find it useful. Social sharing will promote your website and increase the number of visitors.

SEO failure factors due to poor-quality content

Less quantity: Search engine uses content to rank web pages and if the content on a webpage is too thin it is penalized by giving it a lower ranking. It is of paramount importance that a webpage should have enough quantity of content.

Scraped content: Content that is not original but is copied from other webpage or sources is termed as scraped content by Google. Scraped content can result in manual action by the search engine. You can check copied content by prepostseo plagiarism checker. The website or a specific webpage on that website can be completely removed by search engine from its result page or it may block some of its content.


As all the above-mentioned factors that are responsible for either the success or failure of SEO are a result of good/bad quality content, the role of content is crucial to boosting your SEO.

Search engines rank web pages based on various  As web pages are ranked by search engines based upon a variety of factors, therefore, having a look at how these search engines function and rank web pages in their results page will SEO strategy can only be made after acquiring an understanding of how search engines function.

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