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And here’s how to develop your next killer iPhone app with UI/UX design!

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Design principles provide useful guidelines and actually platform from where to develop some of the most amazing and interactive apps. With iPhone app development, these rules are far more effective and improve both UI and UX. The following design heuristics offers an absolute roadmap for developing exceptional iPhone apps.

The principles help design user-friendly and rich interface but like everything, research is vital component when building a better interface is concerned. Let’s see how your next iPhone app can be a killer!


Structure, assembly or model should outline the interface’s design that actually makes sense. All the important elements should be synched in a way that designs look similar to each other and have everything an improved UX deserves. On the contrary, all unrelated things should be kept separate with simple tasks being clear and uncomplicated.

Minimalism is always cheered

General tasks must be communicated clearly, easy to perform and comprehend from user point of view. Shortcuts that allow users to perform or even repeat longer tasks are acceptable and must be readily available. Follow the rule of simplicity!


Following closely is visibility and the principle suggests options and materials should be clearly visible so that user may access them without redundancies and unnecessary details that often raise confusion and distraction.


Yet another rule or iPhone app development is keeping the design consistent that allow users to give feedback on the latest updates, possible errors and suggestions for modifications that may affect overall UX in an optimistic manner. All these updates must be expressed in a clear and simple language that’s easily understood.

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The interface should be error free however, give room for improvising so that the final product is near to perfection. This flexibility should make undo and redo actions simpler so that correct response or outcome of the app can be achieved.


An elegant app must be capable to recall and save important data that has been created by the user. Certain actions, internal and external components should be used resolutely in order to reduce repeating the steps by and over. The reuse or reprocess standards are aimed to make an app that’s more convenient because the information gathered from user’s behaviour and actions is remembered thereby all such details are utilised whenever required.


You can adjust the properties for each object which allows creating a custom and rather intuitive design interface. For instance, you can add a placeholder text to a text input field, guiding users on what they should input. Customise the object of your preference for instance font style, size, text colour, background images, alignment, border style and much more.

Go for Swift

Swift is the fastest and well-known computer programming language aimed at making iPhone app development easier than ever. Swift 2 is a new, improved and advance version with all the features that lets you code less and complete the project in a flash with only the basic details.


With the details, iPhone app development that’s nearly perfect is far easier than anticipated

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