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Samsung Galaxy S9: The beautiful design with the massive hardware

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Samsung Galaxy S9

On one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone X are being praised for the best display and design smartphone, and slowly Samsung Galaxy S9 (which is not yet released) making its mark in the market.

Galaxy S9


The beautiful design of S8 can be defined by the front display, and at the back of the phone is perhaps one of the points that most controversy has generated and the one that I distance myself from this S8 at the time of purchase. We found the led for the photographs, which can be used as a torch in the videos. In addition are the rear camera and the fingerprint reader. So, Galaxy S9 should have an interesting design or configuration in the back panel.


For S8, text to the flash is the heart rate sensor. Honestly, in my opinion, it does not make much practical sense to include this type of sports or activity sensor in the back of a phone almost six inches. We are not going to run with our finger right on that sensor for ten kilometers, let alone cycling or day-to-day with a finger. Honestly, it’s something that Samsung could have saved. And actually Samsung can make it possible in the Galaxy S9.


Ergonomics, as I mentioned the phone is comfortable. Samsung has rectified regarding the Edge model whose edge had several criticisms, in this version 8 the edges do not bother using the smartphone, and we can pose hands without problem in the day to day, either vertically or horizontally. What I have to point out in the day to day is that when we talk on the phone, and we place the phone between the neck and the cheek it is possible that we slip slightly, something that with other phones has not happened to me. And per the rumors, Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to be even more comfortable.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8, we have a phone with a frankly large screen if we tell the side edges it has 5.8” inches of screen. And if we do not have these two small curved edges we will have a 5.6 “phone. As you know the size of a screen goes from corner to corner, and in this case, we have a phone predominantly rectangular, that is, not as square as others, but there is a clear difference between the length and its width. This makes us have to do less scrolling online, according to Samsung. Although we will leave the comparative with the iPhone for a dedicated video, we have to say that this scroll is the same on both phones, unless we remove the default zoom of the Samsung, and then yes, we will zoom, although we have to be some lynx already that this letter without zoom is something small for my taste. And, Samsung Galaxy is being a rival for iPhone since quite a long time, and now Samsung Galaxy S9 looks like an iPhone killer.


Source: edgegalaxys9.com

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