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The working of Veeam Cloud Connect to Azure & AWS

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Veeam Cloud Connect to Azure

Creating a backup of data is the practice from the past, started initially by IT facilities, financial and corporate sectors. The large enterprises encountered data loss due to natural disasters, hardware failure, accidental deletion, power failure, and cyber-attacks. With all the developments in technology, wise minds are now working on transforming the backup technology, moving it to cloud backup. Keeping your data in one location is a risk for your company. Now Veeam Cloud Connect has initiated a new system to backup data in a time efficient, secure, reliable way.

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

It facilitates businesses via off-site backup and replication services. It constructs the ability to send Veeam backups from multiple locations to the secondary data center. The backup of the data can be moved to the public cloud. It also provides flexibility to the enterprise to choose the backup and disaster recovery strategy that meet their needs.

How Veeam Cloud Connect works?

Cloud Connect through Veeam incorporates cloud repositories directly into the Veeam backup. The customers can simply click “Add Service Provider” and enter the credentials which are given to them (upon purchase) and the cloud repositories appear in their backup infrastructure. This also has the complete control over an organization’s data.

  • The Veeam cloud connect requires no VPN and transfers data securely over SSL/TLS. Moreover, Veeam has now introduced Veeam PN for Microsoft Azure which provides a simplified channel for effective communication of different enterprise appliances and solutions.
  • Veeam also creates replicas of primary data centers to an offsite data center.
  • It offers customers with a “cloud host”, so that they can copy VMs.
  • It also archives VM, server and workstation directly to the public cloud.
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How does Cloud Repository work?

The enterprise that wants to back up their data to the cloud can acquire a backup solution and integrate it with their Veeam solutions and connect them to the respective cloud repository. When the work begins Veeam backup and replication performs the following actions:

  • When the tenant starts the backup job, the Veeam backup server sends the request to cloud gateway to access cloud repository.
  • Then this request is passed to the Service Providers (SP) Veeam backup server, where it provides a SSL certificate and establishes a secure connection between the SP Veeam backup server and tenant’s Veeam backup server.
  •  The VM data from tenant’s side is moved to cloud repository via cloud gateway. In a special case where the SP has many cloud gateways, the VM data is transported online via least loaded cloud gateway.

Veeam makes it easy to connect and manage the migration of backups and archives to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure Storage. Amazon, Microsoft, Veeam, and StoneFly have partnered to provide backup and disaster recovery solutions in a cost-effective and fast way. Now there is no risk of losing your data by hardware failures, power system failures and/or natural disasters. Get started now, to secure your data and recover it whenever you like

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