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Google Takeout Not Working Issue Resolved – [A Complete Guide]

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Know How to Resolve Google Takeout Not Working Issue in an Easy Way

Google is the most used service worldwide, because of its features it is in a lot of demand. There is a free service provided by Google by the name Google Takeout such that data can be downloaded from Google services like emails, calendars, contacts etc. It is a service used for retrieval of data. Google Takeout helps to retrieve portable data which helps in migration to other services. Data can be downloaded in ZIP or TGZ format. But there are issues where Google Takeout does not function properly and retrieving of data fails.

Let us understand the Google Takeout Not Working issue with the help of query.

“Hello! I have been using Google and its services for a very long time. Recently I tried Google Takeout to retrieve my emails but it failed in retrieving and was also showing an error message. I am very disappointed with Google Takeout. Could someone tell me the way out how to retrieve my emails If Google takeout not working.” Thanks.

Method of Downloading Google data with Google Takeout

  • In the beginning, go to URL www.google.com/takeout.
  • Enter the Google account ID and password.
  • Select the data that needs to be downloaded and Click on Next.
  • After that click on the Create Archive button.
  • The archive will reach user via email.

Drawbacks of Google Takeout Method

There are plenty of drawbacks of Google Takeout. Some are listed as follow:

  • It takes a lot of time to download the file.
  • Sometimes the user has to face Google Takeout failed issue.
  • There is no resume or pause option in Google Takeout.
  • If interruption takes place in downloading, then the entire data is to be downloaded once again.
  • There are times when the user faces Google Takeout incomplete due to large storage data.

An Alternate Method to Solve Google Takeout Not Working Issue

An alternate method of retrieving Gmail Data is with a tool called Gmail Backup Tool. It retrieves email, calendars and documents from Gmail account. There is a provision of the secure backup creation of the single account. To save time there is an option of resume interrupted backup. It supports Gmail backup of Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Apple Mail. It manages Internet bandwidth for smooth and reliable backup. These are the features of Gmail backup tool. This software can easily backup the data in case Google Takeout is not working or fails.

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Working Of Gmail Backup tool

  1. To begin with go to the Start menu and launch Gmail Backup.
  2. After launching of the software, credential for Gmail account to be provided further Click Login.
  3. To redirect to the Gmail login page, the software will show prompt. Click on OK
  4. Credential for Gmail account to be provided for which backup is to be taken.
  5. To make the application have access to Gmail account, click on “Allow” Button
  6. Then format has to be selected that includes EML, PST, MSG and MBOX. In this article, we will discuss conversion to MBOX.

Export to MBOX

  1. The radio button to be selected corresponding to “MBOX” labelled text. Browse button to be selected to browse final destination of the export process
  2. Navigation and destination to be selected and then click on OK.
  3. In the text box corresponding to the browse button, the selected file will be displayed.
  4. Application of customized filter to take place by choosing Apply filter button.
  5. Custom filter to be provided as per which backup of Gmail to be created like a select folder and email filter.
  6. Then Start button to be clicked.
  7. The summary of the whole process will be displayed on the Windows
  8. The process will be started by the software.
  9. At the destination location converted files can be viewed.
  10. MBOX can be imported in email application like Thunderbird to view the files.


Getting error message i.e. “Google Takeout not working” is commonly faced by people. This could be because of various reasons like file size limit or there are multiple folders. The steps for Google Takeout are mentioned above which can be followed by people in order to retrieve their data. While performing Google Takeout function it has got multiple limitations. Other than Google takeout there is another method which is called Gmail backup tool which backs up Gmail data like emails, calendars etc. It is up to the user to decide which method to go for.

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