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5 Most Unique Cities In The World

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The world is filled with an endless amount of unique and interesting places. A place may be unique due to its history, food, culture, buildings, etc. There are cities that overflow with tourism due to their unique aspects and qualities. Below we will describe 5 of the most unique cities in the world.
Rio de Janeiro
One of the strongest economies in Latin America, attracting millions of visitors every year, Rio de Janeiro has become a world treasure. In fact, part of the city has been declared a world heritage site. Its world–famous Christ the Redeemer statue lies magestically at the top of a mountain and has been named a world wonder on several occasions. With a perfect mix of big city vibes and vast green landscapes, Rio de Janeiro should definitely be on everybody’s bucket list.
As one of the safest and richest cities on Earth, Dubai has certainly made an impression on the entire world. It is home to some of the biggest sky–scrapers, such as the tallest one in the world, Burj Khalifa. Dubai is probably the most modern–looking city in the world, and its development does not stop there, as there are new structures and projects constantly being built left and right. It is worth admiring this one–of–a–kind luxurious and highly developed city.
This beautiful Italian city, offering some of the most aesthetically–pleasing vacation photos, is actually slowly sinking. There are not many places in the world that require a boat to commute between streets, which makes Venice extremely unique, but this also means that it is expected to sink within 100 years. It is difficult to think that a city that was once at the center of European wealth and dominance could soon cease to exist. At least for now, we can still travel to this amazing place and admire its endless beauty and culture.
Jerusalem is without a doubt another extremely unique city. Being probably the most important city in The Bible, which is the most famous book of all time, Jerusalem is of very high importance to a big fraction of the world. Further, mentions of Jerusalem date back 3,800 years, in the Egyptian Execration Texts. There have been 100+ battles over time in an attempt to take control of this awe–inspiring place. This is a city that is extremely protected by its inhabitants, with a 40–foot wall entirely enclosing it. Such a treasured city is undoubtfully worthy of a visit!
Hong Kong
As one of the world’s most populated cities, Hong Kong has become such a unique place to visit. It is home to many islands, such as Lamma Island, Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong is the city with the most skycrapers in the world, beating Dubai, New York City and Shanghai. Interestingly, while it is a metropolitan hub, a big fraction of the city is a nature reserve. It is the perfect place to get lost in and go on an extravagant adventure, and perhaps get an amazing Hong Kong massage afterwards. As one of China’s most up–and–coming and unique cities, Hong Kong should definitely be on your list of musts.
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