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How To Relax In Hong Kong

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Being an important financial centre, great shopping destination and a buzzing party scene, Hong Kong presents a bustling life. But the city also offers many peaceful pockets where you can go if you need a bit of relaxation. Escaping the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city provides a perfect East meets West experience. With great food, stunning hikes and amazing beautiful sceneries, there is so much you can do to relax in Hong Kong.

Visit a Park or Garden
You may be tempted to assume that Hong Kong lacks in peaceful parks and gardens, given the gleaming skyscrapers and other modern attractions at the heart of the city. However, Hong Kong has its fair share of serene and green spots that are verdant and serene. You can visit Nan Lian Garden, Kowloon Walled City Park, Victoria Peak Garden, Hong Kong Park or Upstairs Garden. Hong Kong Park which is closest to the city park features different bird species, a lake and a waterfall. The gardens are well manicured and have stunning views. You will not miss a spot to enjoy the fresh air and general sense of calm in Hong Kong’s parks and gardens. These quiet and beautiful areas inspire a sense of calmness that leaves you feeling like you are miles away from the busy city life.
Going to the Beach
If you want to escape the city for a few hours, consider going to the beach. Lamma island, which is twenty-five minutes from the city by ferry, is packed with beaches. Hung Shing Yeh is the most popular beach on the island and a perfect retreat for you to take the pressure off. The beach has many facilities to accommodate both individuals and families who come to chill out and cool off from their daily excursions.
Take a Hike
Hong Kong has several track trails to get you active without getting your body tired. Dragon’s Back in Sheik O County Park is by far the best hike in the city. The first part of the hike is steep but shortly becomes gentle allowing you to walk along it with ease. On clear days, you can enjoy excellent views from the hike including the white beaches of Stanley and Shek O, rolling golf courses and the South China Sea. Jardine’s Lookout is another hike in the city. It is a 6.6 Kilometres long hike that offers a view of Hong Kong city and the harbour.
Relax in Hong Kong spas
Hong Kong’s spas offer every form of treatment from traditional therapies to express pedicures. Hong Kong has many state-of-the-art spas, all worth visiting for their standout treatments, holistic therapies and exquisite views. You get to enjoy the full range of Hong Kong massage including a full-body massage. A visit to an spa resets your body clock by refreshing and relaxing you.
Hong Kong is a busy city that hums with excitement 24/7. Once in a while, you will feel the urge to relax and read a book, meditate or just enjoy the beauty. And there are many places in Hong Kong to find the tranquillity you are looking for. There is healthy food everywhere and there is no limit to the number of Chinese delicacies that you can grab along the way.
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