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Five amazing places to visit when you are in Split

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Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia is frequently seen as a base-city for island day-trip holidays, but it’s also buzzing with a culture that you need to explore. Split is a fascinating city with stylish nexus tradition, modernity, and a beautiful coastline. Read on below to discover the five most fascinating places to visit in Split.

  1. Diocletian’s  Palace

Explore the secluded spots, ins and outs, and secrets of the Split Diocletian’s Place. The Palace is a World Heritage spot listed by UNESCO and you get to enjoy a local guide tour traversing the ancient palace. Start the trip in the subterranean tunnels and the cellars found below the old castle and discover their reception from your director. Next, you can go above-ground again and stroll for some time in the Peristyle.


Diocletian’s Palace, Image courtesy: Carole Raddato (Flickr)

    2. Marjan Hill

Marjan Hill is located on a leafy verdant peninsula; a few minutes’ walk from the city center. Take the 4-hour hike up the hill to enjoy splendid views of the Adriatic Sea and the city. This leisure hike advances up to the southern Marjan Hill slopes of all the way to the summit. After arriving at the summit, descend the hill to reach Bene Beach to swim in the sea and experience warm sunshine. You get to enjoy the company of a local tour guide throughout the entire trip.

Marjan Hill, Image courtesy: Zergu (Flickr)

  1. Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius

St. Domnius Cathedral and Bell Tower are comprised of a third-century mausoleum, 17th-century chorus, and a 12th-century bell tower. Tour the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world and get to admire the rich carvings and ornaments of the cathedral’s high wooden door depicting 14 displays from the life of Christ. Explore the rooms, which exhibit Diocletian reliefs as well as that of his wife around the dome. Get into the cathedral treasury and see for the Saint Duje relics brought to the cathedral following his departure. The peak of the Bell Tower also gives a beautiful view of the Split city.

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St. Domnius Cathedral

  1. Riva Promenade and Harbor

Alighting at the cruise ships near the terminal exit, Riva Harbor is on your left. Cross the walkway to find comfortable seats sheltered by towering palm trees. Riva promenade and harbor is an attractive place to people watch, enjoy a gelato and relax.

Riva Promenade

  1. Klis Fortress

Traverse Klis, an ancient citadel in Split, with a tour guide for the 4-hour sightseeing journey. View the old military structure-Deserters of Klis or Kliski uskoci; who are dressed in real historical outfits and weapons. Witness a spear throwing exhibition and a sword duel. Tour the St Vid Church and the armory, popularized as the Mereen city of Game of Thrones. Upon returning to Split, you can also take a quick stop at the ruins of the ancient city Salona.

The Klis Fortress

Split Airport is positioned just some few kilometers west of Split, very close to the beautiful town of Trogir and past the Kastela group of cities. Upon your arrival at Split Airport, you can book Split Airport taxi which will take you directly to your tour destination. A quick tip: Start from the Diocletian’s Palace that is just some few paces from the Airport.

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