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Top 5 Things You Should Do in Croatia

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Croatia is undeniably among the most exciting countries you could ever visit. It’s actually hard to believe that only some time back, the country was a secret holiday destination, known to very few foreigners (aside from frequent travelers). It’s a tiny region situated across the shotes of the gigantic Adriatic Sea.

The country takes pride in its generous share of natural wonders, picturesque islands, and a beautiful coastline. It’s undoubtedly a perfect holiday destination. Below are the top 5 things you should do in Croatia:

I. Island-Hopping

Among the most significant things about spending a holiday/vacation in Croatia is that you need not spend it in one place. It’s incredibly easy to take a boat and indulge yourself in island-hopping. In turn, you’ll be able to see even much more in a single holiday.

Regardless of whether you island-hop for only one day or book a multiple-center holiday where you’ll stay in several, different places, it’s worth exploring the charming and picturesque islands which Croatia is home to.

For example, the Island of Hvar has quickly grown to become among the most popular Croatian islands. Ensure you keep a close eye out for celebrity spots and the wonderful marina while you’re there.

II. Wine-Tasting 

Missing out on Croatia’s excellent wine would surely be regrettable. But, you might have a difficult time choosing which of the endless wine-tasting tours and vineyards you wish to go on and visit. You need not stop at one, though.

Who doesn’t love a tasty drop of wine with their food, especially when on holiday? Seeing where the wine comes from and sampling it fresh from its vine makes for the ultimate holiday.

There are countless tours and vineyards across the Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Zagreb, and Hvar regions of Croatia. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the distinct varieties of this country’s wine, from fruity whites (like Pošip) to powerful reds (Plavac Mali).

III. Sailing

Sailing in Croatia is certainly an activity you’d regret missing out on. The country is simply a cruising paradise and a favorite for many sea lovers and watersports enthusiasts. It’s just the perfect place to feel the wind while sailing.

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You may want to consider joining an island-hopping excursion. Alternatively, you can settle on chartering your own yacht and explore Croatia’s stunning natural beauty any time you wish to.

We recommend that you pay keen attention to the Croatia sailing week. Research on the many, different yachting festivals held throughout the year, with almost everything, from music festivals to regattas on boats.

IV. Exploring the Wild 

Croatia boasts several, incredible national parks. Find time and make an effort to explore some of them. The famous Plitvice Lakes, for instance, is Croatia’s largest national park, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well.

It’s inarguably a magical destination filled with spectacular features like crystal clear lakes and glistening waterfalls. Additionally, you’re sure to love the lush green setting. The Krka National Park certainly steps up to the mark if time’s on your side to visit yet another scenic park.

V. Enjoying the Music Festivals

It’s usually a great experience to attend a music festival or concert in a new country. In particular, Croatia’s music festivals are a must during the summer. The chances are that you’ll get lost in the music while enjoying the glorious sunshine.

Among the most exciting music festivals held in Croatia include Outlook Festival, Hideout Festival, Sonus Festival, and Ultra Europe. You’re sure to love the awesome boat and beach parties involved in some of these festivals.

Croatia stands out as a popular holiday destination. It’s home to fantastic beaches, breathtaking scenery, sunny summers, impressive historical buildings, deep cultural roots, and fresh seafood.

As such, there are endless ways you can experience the holiday magic of Croatia. But, the above things shouldn’t miss on your bucket list. Before leaving, though, ensure you’ve all the essentials you might need to make your holiday/vacation even more comfortable.

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