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10 Mistakes You Are Making While Designing Business Letterheads

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Business letterheads are the means that enable communication with different parties. It is highly necessary that business letterheads must be designed with absolute perfection, because otherwise a wrong image of the organization would get portrayed in front of others. You might be making certain mistakes while designing business letterhead without even knowing the impact of such loopholes. Here you will get a complete idea about the top 10 design mistakes that you should avoid.

These are the 10 mistakes that you might be making while designing business letterheads-

Non compatibility with the digital medium

Nowadays business letterheads are used in both the ways i.e. in the physical form and in the digital way. The business letterhead that you have designed may look good in hand but may fail badly on the digital front. So, make sure that the final design should be suitable for both the mediums. In the present times a lot of formal conversations are done online and that is why it is crucial that the business letterheads must comply with the digital standards.

Use of low quality paper

In order to save costs, you may be thinking to opt for low quality paper. It is certainly a wrong decision. Quality of paper matters a lot and if it would be poor then a negative image would be created in minds of clients. So, always opt for high quality sheets while designing business letterheads.

Loading the business letterhead with a lot of images

It is a good idea to use some basic images like company logo, watermark patterns, some sign at the end of letterhead etc. But always remember that use of excess images may turn out to be a design blunder. The business letterhead should not look childish or informal.

Unsuitable font style

It can be a case that you may like a particular font style. But it is not necessary that it will solve the purpose. A lot of font styles are amazing to look at but they are not that easy to read. Choose a simple and easy to comprehend font style. You can also choose different font styles but overall layout should not look awkward.

Poor color combination

Poor color theme and overload of colors is not suggested. You may want a different setup as compared to black and white but make sure that the final appearance of the business letterhead must not look too bright or too dull. It is really important to pay attention to the color choices.

Skipping the vital information

If you are not providing the basic information like name of the company, its registration number, office address, contact number, fax number etc then you are making a big mistake. The business letterhead would lose all its meaning if the vital information has been skipped.

Overcrowding the letterhead

In the name of providing relevant information don’t just overcrowd the business letterhead with all sorts of stuff. It is an effective means of formal communication and thus it should contain only the most appropriate and much needed information. Remove all the unnecessary details from the business letterhead.

Not taking professional guidance

When you are unable to decide that which design would suit the best then it is highly advisable to contact a professional source. There are lots of skilled designers who can create an unparalleled business letterhead design at nominal rates. So, don’t refuse professional help, because it can really prove to be an advantageous move.

Choosing an inappropriate software

You may be using some kind of software for designing business letterheads but have you checked the credibility of such software? Inappropriate software may result in a design blunder. Check that which are the best design softwares available in the market and then choose the best one with the highest ratings and positive reviews.

Not doing a final check

Don’t be in a hurry while designing the business letterheads. Always do a final check. See the design you are getting on monitor and also take a printout of the final design. The letterhead may look good on screen but may not be that effective when printed on paper. Correct the mistakes on time and create a final draft after rectifying all the design errors.

Lastly, to get rid of these common mistakes, you can try Canva’s letterhead design maker tool. It comes with awesome design templates, all that you have to do is to customize. Undoubtedly avoid these design blunders and it is guaranteed that you will get the best letterheads for your organization.

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