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4 best AV devices to leverage during professional events

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No doubt doing business in today’s world is easy with help of digital revolution. But this digital revolution has also brought enormous competition among manufacturers. Today both B2B and B2C organizations also greatly rely on different types of business events like a trade show, seminar, or conference to connect with their prospected customers. But, one thing that is equally important in all these events is technology and how tech savvy an organization presents itself. Here we are listing some of the top-notch and most demanded audiovisual devices by professional event planners.


You know the benefits of iPad in the business outfit as a whole but there’s a lot more it can offer in professional events and gatherings. iPad is the perfect replacement to the laptop because of its more portability and better features. But this amazing gadget is also proving to be the best replacement of giant LED screens in large professional gatherings. iPad provides entrepreneurs the option to choose hundreds of millions of productivity applications to install and use for a variety of purposes. Screen sharing among audience and attendees is the best way through iPad or any Android mobile device for business. Rental organizations also make it very easy for organizations to leverage these gadgets in bulk amount for their large size of the audience.

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality is the new boom in the world of today. Where everyone is getting crazy to get his hands on virtual reality, VR hires companies in the USA to enable you to use these as audiovisual equipment for meetings. And the best part is these devices are available at amazingly cost-friendly rates. Virtual reality creates a buzz among attendees which event planners leverage to generate leads. Mostly product demonstrations are done with the help of virtual reality because it can give users a unique and lifelike perception of what actually they can enjoy from the product or service. Wearable devices such as smartwatches are the best way to enable communication between attendees.

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Charging station:

The charging station is another cool tactic to boost audience engagement and targeting during business events. Smartphone has become the basic necessity and humans can’t live without it even for seconds now. Also, the battery of smart gadgets though very efficient not very smart and it becomes very much open chance to lose battery during such gatherings. The charging station is the best ingredient to have an offer to your customers. Especially in trade show charging station proves to be magnetic for attracting audience towards your booth. Smart organizers would cash time spent during mobile charge for conducting some quick survey to capture leads.

Giant LED screens:

Though the boom of iPad has lessened the impact of giant video walls and LED screens, they cannot be totally ruled out of the scene. Giant LED video walls are the perfect AV technology to present different facts and figures during a presentation in a meeting. Also, these giant LED video walls are a perfect ingredient to expand your reach when in trade shows. A plethora of rental companies are available in Europe where you can get this audiovisual equipment at highly budget-friendly rates.

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