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7 Outdoor Signage Blunders You Must Avoid!

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Outdoor signage is something every business owner invest in. After all, it can get the maximum number of views and can serve the purpose for months if placed strategically and designed correctly. But before you plan a very innovative and quirky design for your outdoor signage, don’t you think it will be wise for you to go through this blog where you can know about the outdoor sign blunders that are commonly seen?

If your answer is a yes, then just keep scrolling down.

Forgetting about the Sunscreen – Now when it is about printing outdoor banners or signage, how can you forget about the sunscreen? Trust me, the harmful UV rays can ruin your investment just within a few weeks and turn it into a shabby and dull eyesore. Go for inks that are resistant to UV rays. Additionally, ask your sign shop to make them waterproof so that they can sustain the rain too.

Neglecting the Readability Factor – Secondly, many entrepreneurs hire designers or they themselves land up making clumsy and unreadable signs. What you need to understand that no one is going to spend minutes in order to understand your message that’s on the sign. Choose the right font sizes, font styles, the right colors and graphics forming the perfect contrast, which will make it attractive and readable.

Not Considering the Mesh Signs – If you are not really aware of this, then let me tell you that the leading sign shops can make mesh banners or signs for you. Get them if you stay in a windy place or the weather fluctuates quite often. Mesh signs are made of tiny holes which would help the onlookers to read the message by allowing the wind to pass through the gaps. A strong gust of wind can tear off your regular sign and hence, the advise. This is yet another very vital point to take care of.

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Not Thinking about Weather Reactions – I have come across various clients who have never asked me about the materials I use and whether it is appropriate for the running temperature or not. Never commit this blunder because sign shops use a lot of materials that might not be able to withstand extremely humid/hot or cold temperatures. The reactions include the signs becoming brittle or completely break. Why take the risk when you can simply ask them directly or go through the product guidelines?

Not Considering the Installation Process – Let’s get this straight – outdoor signs are quite heavy. And thus, they come with installation challenges. So, apart from considering the design and other factors related to banner printing, hire professionals to install them as well. And if you are confident about your DIY skills, then go ahead but please be safe!

Ignoring the Shipping Costs – Complaining later on would not help you. Thus, always check the shipping costs prior to ordering. Signs that come rolled up in a tube or come flat can help you save a lot on shipping. Go for light-weight and flexible banners if you have a lower budget.

Focusing too Much on Savings – Lastly, do not focus too much on savings. This would only result in cheap-looking signs. And that means no ROI. Focus on quality and opt for quality ink, materials, etc. Choose a sign printing shop which has good customer reviews, good ratings and offers and much more.

So these are the mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to outdoor signage. Hopefully, you will now be able to avoid them.  Thank me later!

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