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Technology Bridges the Government with Citizens

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Public Affair Services includes the government policy that needs to be implemented which also includes preparing the civil servants to work together in various public services. Through these services, the government is able to meet its plan whether on yearly basis or more than a year. Technology plays an important role as it provides the amount of data it requires to make plans. However, in case of failures of plans, the image of the government is tarnished and Medias have become an easy medium to spread the word in a matter of seconds. Media already change the way the people and social media is not only a technology it is the sociological ideology of the people.

When the government, while providing a certain kind of service, need to have a commercial interest to promote then they can hire a PR professional who can provide the government with the maximum attention with the continuous success of their campaigns through the help of the combined capability of the PR professional that includes political experience and in-depth knowledge. This, in turn, helps the public at large to understand the purpose of the promotion of the commercial interest of the government.

The technology PR should strive for making the governance transparent; the open government ensures the citizens that the power is balanced. The second goal is to let the government have a platform from where the government would be able to prove its accountability to the public, this, in turn, strengthen the relationship between the government and citizens. The PR professional should not only create a platform but also simply it. In other words, it should not only strengthen the existing accountability mechanism both at the social and non-social areas but also make it available to anyone in an easy and understandable manner who tries to access the information. Technology PR should make the technology to change according to the needs of the different local socio-political ideologies simultaneously maintains the existing governance process. The technology PR should give the platform where the government can also gain access to enhancing the capabilities of the various upfront in the public for example youth.

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The government with the help of these mediums can immediately respond to the citizen engagement. The medium should not available for the government but it should also be available to the citizens where they can be able to interact with the government. In that way, the citizens will be able to feel that they are able to be listened to and quick response of the government can enhance the image of the government in the mind of the citizen. The PR professional can play a central role in government accountability which can further form a bridge between the citizen and the government. This because these professionals perform the functions of intermediaries that not only provides information but also strengthen the communication to strengthen the information system, evaluation of the medium and act on the changes that are required to provide a better platform.


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