Home Technology If you want more visitors to your site so take a step towards Google voice search.

If you want more visitors to your site so take a step towards Google voice search.

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Many ways which help you in improve your SEO for Google voice search

Now all the things become high tech and now search engine takes one step up. Now you can search your questions without typing “phrase” search your query with your voice. The point is how can optimize a website for voice search. And how to improve ranking in search results so people can easily found your website. We are going to tell you about ways how you can improve the ranking in voice search. If you are doing optimizing your website for particular or a group of the keyword. So now you need to implement some new technique.

Do local listing if you are serving product in the local market

If you are serving service in the local market. So you need to do local listing or business listing when the users search for a term like an institute near me. So your site listing appears in results its help you a lot in improving the appearance of search results.

Start with Google local listing, Yelp, and Bing and then claim other listings like yellow page business listing, Angie’s List, or other platforms that are relevant to your website.

You can better optimize your Google local listing which helps improve appearance in the search results.

Put natural query in the content

Think like a user how they can search with the voice (like “SEO Company in California “and “Best SEO Company in California”), Now user can also ask questions (like “How can I find SEO company in California?” and “How SEO effect on website ranking?”)

That’s because Users cannot search with their voices in the same way when they users search with text. Instead of typing in the most important words and press enter, User can ask from Siri or Alexa, “Where I can find taste pasta in California?” or “Is there Burger shop near me?”

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So now you need to include natural language query in the content. With the help of Google can show your website on the top

Many ways you can find out:

 Make FAQ section on the website which customers ask when they search related your products, on the phone, and via email.

You can also take the help of forum website about which people frequently can ask and on social media.

Use tools to research about questions what people are asking for searching products. For example, type in “How to make pizza” and you’ll see results like “How to make grill chicken” and “can you overcook chicken,” sort a list which people search on different platforms including Google, YouTube, Bing, and more.


I hope all the technique helps you in better optimize your website for voice search results. And get more traffic and conversion on your website. If you want to achieve the goals so you need to optimize your website for voice search it really helps you. Because now maximum people have latest android phones and they don’t type keyword. They direct search with the voice. So we must optimize our website for that.

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