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Enjoy Breathtaking Moments of Your Life By Visiting Croatia Seaside

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Any Game of Thrones enthusiast must have admired the beautiful aerial view of Kingslanding that happens to be in Croatia. The presence of beaches, rugged mountains, breathtaking topography, and turquoise waters makes Croatia one of the best destinations all over the world. The popularity of the country does not lie on the physical features alone, but the state residents have made the country a home for many tourists. Their lively events and festivals, welcoming personalities, and a wide variety of mouthwatering cuisines will make you want to extend your stay.

Tourism in the country has led to the development of real estate Croatia industry meaning that the hotels and hospitality services of high quality. There are numerous places and activities to engage in Croatia, and the list below identifies the right places that will give you the best time of your life in the country.

1. The Pebbled Beaches

Almost all people dream of spending their summer enjoying the cool coastal breeze at the beach. Most beaches that you will find in different countries are sandy, but Croatia has pebbled beaches making it a unique tourist destination.The Dalmatian beaches that run from the north of Zadar and south of Dubrovnik are some of the reasons you should consider visiting this country. You will also enjoy the beautiful view of turquoise waters, hidden caves consisting of rocks, and fig trees as well as olive trees found on the Croatian beaches.

2. Events and Festivals

Music festivals held on various islands and beaches are some of the notable activities in the country. The DJs and famous artists will make you fall in love with music right away as you take pleasure in the lovely crowd.Some of the events you should consider attending include Hideout Festivals and Dimensions Festivals.


3. Visit Different Croatian Islands

Adriatic Sea of Croatia boasts of over 1000 islands, and only less than 100 of them are uninhabited. Some of this islands offer peace and serene atmosphere to the people visiting while others have the best parties that you will not find in most European countries. Some of the islands you should consider visiting include Brac, the home of Zlatni Rat beach and a popular destination for water sports. Hvar Island is the sunniest and rich in fashion while Rab has sandy beaches and the coolest climates in Croatia. Vic Island is renowned for its mouthwatering cuisines.

4. Sailing, Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling

Croatia is one of the popular snorkeling destinations. You can enjoy the deeper sea life by sailing on one of the boats or yachts available for hire. Alternatively, you may opt to go for scuba diving or snorkeling. The sea may not have many sea animals, but you are safe from the sharks or any other dangerous animals found in the sea. The pebbly or rocky nature of the seabed provides the best underwater visibility.


There are many places to visit in Croatia and more activities for every visitor in Croatia. You can travel at any time of the year although the period between July and August is the best for anyone planning take part in sea activities. The accommodation and travel rates could be higher during summer than any other times. Remember that it is never too late to visit a new country. Make Croatia your next holiday destination

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