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What To Do When Visiting Hong-Kong For The First Time

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Even if we are talking about the grandiose cultural vestiges, the imposing skyscrapers or the entertaining festivals, Hong Kong never ceases to amaze. This city manages to be a perfect combination between modern and traditional, providing an amazing experience for whoever is visiting it. Since culture, religion and great architecture are all interconnected here, Hong Kong can be considered a whole sanctuary, in which even the dullest street is hiding wonderful secrets. However, if you plan on visiting Hong Kong for the first time, there are some attractions that will make you better understand this city. In the following article, we will introduce you to them and try to closer explain why should you visit these amazing spots.

Visit Hong Kong Museums and Temples

Hong Kong has a rich history and this can be noticed, from the multitude of cultural or religious vestiges that lie all around the city. Hong Kong is one of the few places where religion blends with history, creating an astonishing result. The most famous temple in Hong Kong is the Po Lin Monastery, or better known as the Big Buddha temple. Besides the incredible religious vestige, this location features a massive Buddha statue made of bronze, peaking at 34 meters in height. The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is another incredible attraction. This vestige is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in the world. But regardless of religion, everyone is welcome here. Hong Kong is also known for its museums. So if you are interested in art, cultural heritage, history or even science, and you have plenty of options to chose from.

Enjoy the Ride On a Star Ferry

British colonization left an important mark on Hong Kong’s identity and Star Ferry is a proof of that. The Star Ferryboats are being operational since 1888, transporting passengers from the mainland to Kowloon Island. Even though Hong Kong developed a lot and we now have plenty of other transportation methods, Star Ferry remains one of the most picturesque ones. The Star Ferry will not just take you to Kowloon and back, but it will allow you to take a leap, back in time. Decorated in festive colors, the ferry will amaze you, teaching you to cherish the trip, more than the destination. You can board to a Star Ferry, right from the famous Victoria Harbor.

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Shop at Temple Street Night Market

The Temple Street Market is not a historical attraction, but it manages to display the whole identity of Hong Kong. Designed as a street market, this place is extremely quiet during the day. But when the sun goes down, this place comes to life. If you arrive here just after sunset, you can already see the merchants placing and preparing their stands. The Temple Street Market is like a universal market, and here you can find anything from souvenirs, electronic devices, accessories, traditional items, to street food or even clothing. Just visit all the stands and you might even get some great bargains.

Experience Traditional Hong Kong Spa

After visiting the endless attractions of this city, you might want to take your time, and relax for a while. Luckily, there is a popular method to relax and to experience a part of Hong Kong’s history, at the same time. Traditional spa salons are the best way to do that. These salons follow the exact spa treatments as 1000 years ago, which made this city so famous in the past. A typical spa session is accompanied by aromatherapy, employing some of the most aromatic herbs in Asia. More than that, you can opt for a traditional Hong Kong massage session as well. The treatment is authentic as well, and you can experience the same treatment that Queen Victoria experienced 150 years ago when she visited Hong Kong.

Visiting all of these attractions will stir up your interest, and you will want to experience even more of this wonderful city. After you wrap-up your first visit to Hong Kong, you might feel like you didn’t see even 1% of its amazing attractions. Still, you can always return knowing that this city can always surprise and mesmerize.

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